Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Let There Be SNOW!

Another lazy day with no new snow on the mountain. After a late brunch, surfing the web and a bit of work for Paul, we decide to get in a light workout at the fitness center.

We've planned to see “Into the Wild”, a wonderful movie directed by Sean Penn, based on an amazing book by John Krakauer. We have both read the book and talked about this story a lot at the time. I highly recommend both the movie and the book (in fact, I recommend all of Krakauer's books – he is a fabulous writer).

As we leave our resort, we notice little white flakes in the air – could it be the “S” word? Why, yes, it is. Crystal white SNOW. It was forecast for today. Before we enter the theater, we snap a quick pic on the camera phone to prove to all –

there really IS snow in Park City, Utah.

It continued to snow while the movie ran – there is an accumulation of about 3 inches on the ground.

There are a few restaurants in the vicinity and we check the menus before deciding on Hapa Grill – an "Asian fusion" grill with some very unusual offerings. I reviewed the cocktail menu and ordered a Park City – a mojito style drink spiced with fresh ginger. Refreshing and delicious. Our starters were spicy calamari and (this one is hard to believe) Asian Fries! Imagine ginger mashed

potatoes surrounded by egg roll wrappers and of course fried, served with a spicy plum sauce. In the picture on the right, the Asian fries are the ones that look like bread sticks in a tall cup.

Another Park City cocktail and our entrees arrive: Crisped Pork Ramen -- crispy fried pork loin medallion served over imported Japanese ramen noodles with fresh vegetables -- and Seadiver Scallops and Shrimp – nicely spiced with a chili pepper sauce and accompanied by roasted bok choy and rice.


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jane.mcmurry said...

Yahoo! The white stuff arrived! Love the coat Annette! Those drinks and fries look too good to be true. I hope you got 2-3 feet of snow last night.